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Istanbul We got up early in the morning and we attended our first tour guide we met in the hotel lobby and Private island tours istanbul. We have to Kabatas ferry port about 10 minutes by private car. We have here is a large island by ferry journey time of 1.5 hours. We have here a very nice ferry ride and a large number of works made during the Ottoman Empire during the trip, we passed the front. first there was the Dolmabahce palace and was built by the French architect by Sultan Abdulaziz here. There is a very beautiful clock tower and mosque of Dolmabahce. Dolmabahce magnificent architecture of this structure spread wide range of seaside There were many beautiful trees and gardens adorned with flowers. Asian kıtasınb had Bosphorus bridge connecting the continent of Europe. Had Beylerbeyi palace on the Asian continent and the ottoman empire is used here as a summer palace and a beautiful palace by the seaside. Our journey had sııra Girl tower is in Uskudar coast and this is a structure which is in the center of Istanbul and the sea. Ferry had left in the historical peninsula and is located at the top of this peninsula’s highest mosque and Blu Istanbul Hippodrome. and in front of them, which extends from the coast and the Topkapi palace. Our journey we drank tea and steamers ate bagels. Neocities.

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